Cannabis Extracts

A slab of Blue Twilight
A dab of Lemon Skunk


SNIC Half Life Show @ Edy Roy Gallery, Burlington, ON

I did not take any of these photos. All rights to original owner. For appreciation purposes only.

Collab List:

SNIC x Slop x Kind

SNIC x Slop x Rose Roads

SNIC x Slop x Yoshinori Kondo

SNIC x Joe Peters x Rose Roads (Pendant)

SNIC x Joe Peters

SNIC x Matt Eskuche

SNIC x Salt



you post some very fine pictures, sir. what's your opinion on the k-nine tube? i really want one, but i'd really like to try before i buy or at least hear some opinions on it from die-thylamide

Thank you! I love my K-nine, especially with the H.E. Domeless. 10mm are no fun without globs! With that said I rip my little guy everyday now that I got a mini carb cap.